Noma. My Perfect Storm (ENG)

fot. Pierre Deschamps

(dir. Pierre Deschamps)
Kino Pod Baranami

Saturday, February 25, 2017, 6 p.m.


FILMS for FOOD, distributor of the film Noma: My Perfect Storm together with Najedzeni Fest and Kino Pod Baranami present special screening of Noma: My Perfect Storm, followed by a discussion and dinner inspired by Nordic cuisine.

Noma: My Perfect Storm is a documentary film by Pierre Deschamps presenting René Redzepi, chef of the legendary restaurant in Copenhagen called Noma, which has earned two Michelin stars. Epicures from all over the world come to the capital city of Denmark to have a taste of dishes by Redzepi, who is famous for revolutionizing Nordic cuisine.

René Redzepi (fot. Peter Brinch)


Following the screening, a discussion inspired by the film will be held at Kino Pod Baranami. The evening will end with a special dinner at Albertina Restaurant & Wine (Dominikańska Street 3).

FILMS for FOOD is an initiative combining the world of cinema with culinary art. It provides Polish audiences with the best documentaries about food. Film screenings are accompanied by Q&As with experts, journalists, food producers and chefs. The screenings and discussions are often joined with special events like food tastings, culinary shows and workshops.


Screening of the film Noma. My Perfect Storm at Kino Pod Baranami: 23 PLN
*  Tickets available at the box office and online.
Dinner at Albertina Restaurant & Wine: 150 PLN
* Tickets for the special dinner available at Albertina Restaurant & Wine.
Reservations:; tel. +48 12 333 41 10.



dir. Pierre Deschamps, Great Britain 2015, 95’

fot. Pierre Deschamps

Critics, culinary experts, restaurant owners and epicures from the most distant places in the world all travel to Noma, a restaurant situated in the old warehouse district of Copenhagen, which used to be owned by the Danish mercantile fleet. They come to see and taste the craft of one of the most famous modern chefs. A visionary, whose unique approach to the local culinary traditions and products has already revolutionised Scandinavian cuisine.
Noma, awarded with two Michelin stars, has also come to the top of The San Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants list four times. After over a decade of success, Noma’s creator is preparing to open a new place and travels through the world, residing in the best restaurants in Tokio, Sydney and soon in Mexico.



I was eager to show the world how I saw him, not only as a person and a chef on his own or with his family, but also with his team, all of that through my lens.
By shooting René and his team over the period of 33 months I learnt that René always seems to be constantly inspired to create something new and when in a storm he finds resources to turn challenges into opportunities.

Pierre Deschamps, director






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