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POLISH FILMS IN ENGLISH - in Kino Pod Baranami

POLISH FILMS IN ENGLISH is Kino Pod Baranami's cycle of screenings specially for our foreign viewers.

Once every two weeks, on Tuesday, we will screen Polish film with English subtitles 
- something which you will not encounter anywhere else!

Come and see what’s happening in Polish cinematography!

- older and new titles
- great Polish actors and directors
- classics and entertainment
- all with English subtitles

Tickets: 13 PLN

Tuesday, March 11, 4.15 p.m.

dir. Piotr Trzaskalski, Poland 2002, 100'

Polish Film Festival in Gdynia 2002
Special Jury Prize
Best Cinematography - Krzysztof Ptak, Best Supporting Actor - Jacek Braciak, Critics Award

Polish Oscar submission for 2002

Camerimage 2002
Golden Frog - tied with
Road to Perdition

Berlin International Film Festival 2003

Don Quixote Award, Prize of the Ecumenical Jury

A profoundly moving parable. Warm, atmospheric, and melancholic, Edi paints a portrait of post-Communist Poland, while detailing a genuine human drama.

Edi and Jureczek earn their living by salvaging scrap metal from the streets and trash dumps of a big city. Some of the money they make they drink away in a bar frequented by other metal salvagers. One day, one of them is fatally beaten by two brothers who collect "tribute" for the moonshine they distribute among the scrap gatherers. Several days later, the brothers come to Edi with a peculiar proposal. They know the gatherer for his propensity for reading the books he finds in the trash. It is this that leads them to conclude that he will be the best possible tutor for "Princess," their 17 year-old sister, who has been her brothers' ward since their parents passed away. Shortly thereafter Princess turns out to be pregnant and it is Edi who is falsely accused of raping her...

Director Piotr Trzaskalski based this tale upon a Buddhist parable that: proves there are angels among us [whose] virtuous qualities of humility, stoicism, and mercy can be found as much in the gutters as in cathedrals.

Henryk Golebiewski's touching performance as the long-suffering Edi distinguishes this film, while Trzaskalski creates a melancholy atmosphere worthy of Robert Bresson or Andrei Tarkovsky, the director's key influences.

Based on:

TRAILER (original version):


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