Jerzy Stuhr's KOROWÓD with English subtitles!

We invite our English-speaking Viewers to see one of the most interesting Polish films of the year, the new film by the great Polish actor and director, Jerzy Stuhr -  KOROWÓD (TWIST OF FATE).

In Kino Pod Baranami TWIST OF FATE is screened with English subtitles!

Film KOROWÓD jest prezentowany w Kinie Pod Baranami w wersji z angielskimi napisami!

dir. Jerzy Stuhr, Poland 2007

Polish Film Festival Gdynia 2007
best screenplay - Jerzy Stuhr

The relationship between two generations of contemporary Poles: students and their parents. There is an emotional gap between them and also a difference between their opinions on history and in their moral dilemmas.

But TWIST OF FATE gives also a look at one of the most controversial subjects in contemporary Polish politics, lustration: the rediscovery of dark times in the past in a mood of widespread suspicion.

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