The Citizen (Obywatel) with English subtitles

THE CITIZEN (OBYWATEL), dir. Jerzy Stuhr
with English subtitles at Kino Pod Baranami
from November 7, 2014

Cinema Pod Baranami invites English-speaking audience to the screenings of the newest film by acclaimed actor and director Jerzy Stuhr - The Citizen (Obywatel). The film - which premiered in Polish Film Festival in Gdynia - opens on November 7 at Kino Pod Baranami and will be presented with English subtitles.

This is the story of the representative of my generation. I picture, in the review, his whole life. My generation had a very interesting life. We were witnesses and participants in the breakthrough historical and political events. I thought, it was worth to picture it, to tell the recent Polish history - said Jerzy Stuhr in an interview with PAP.

Jerzy Stuhr, apart from being the film’s director, also plays the main character along with his son, Maciej Stuhr.


dir. Jerzy Stuhr, Poland 2014, 104’ (with English subtitles)
39th Gdynia Film Festival: Special Prize of the Jury; “Golden Kangaroo” Prize

An attempt at depicting the life of a generation born and raised in Communist Poland; a generation that lived through all the stages of that system and made it to democracy. Throughout his life, the film's protagonist has always tried to be active, but something always got in his way, either through an absurd coincidence, as a result of his own lack of ability, or due to the unpredictible nature of certain events in our recent history.

Cast: Jerzy Stuhr, Maciej Stuhr, Magdalena Boczarska, Sonia Bohosiewicz, Janusz Gajos, Cezary Kosiński.
Music: Adrian Konarski
Cinematography: Paweł Edelman


Jerzy Stuhr
is one of Polish most popular, influential and versatile film and theatre actors. He also works as a screenwriter, film director and drama professor.
After great roles in Polish theatre, he later was known - among others - for his long collaboration with Krzysztof Kieślowski (e.g. Camera Buff) and Juliusz Machulski (Sexmission, Deja Vu).
Stuhr's debut as film director - Spis cudzołożnic (List of Lovers, 1994) - was based on the novel by Jerzy Pilch. His next film, Historie miłosne (Love Stories, 1997), was dedicated to Kieślowski. Korowód (2007) received Golden Lion Award for the screenplay during Gdynia Film Festival in 2007.

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