Close-ups (Zbliżenia) with English subtitles!

CLOSE-UPS (Zbliżenia), dir. Magdalena Piekorz
- with English subtitles!
at Kino Pod Baranami from October 24, 2014

Cinema Pod Baranami invites English-speaking audience to the screenings of Polish film Close-ups (Zbliżenia) directed by Magdalena Piekorz. This modern psychological drama which tells the story of the power of family ties opens on October 24 at Kino Pod Baranami and will be shown with English subtitles.

SPECIAL SCREENING WITH FILMMAKERS: Tuesday, October 28, 2014 at 8.45 p.m.

Magdalena Piekorz - a script writer, film director and stage director with a PhD in cinematic art. She has made seven documentary films. Her first film - Dziewczyny z Szymanowa (Girls from Szymanów) - won her the Bronze Lajkonik at the 31st International and National Documentary and Short Film Festival in Krakow. For a few years she had been making films abroad. Her feature film Pręgi (The Welts) - to Wojciech Kuczok’s script - brought her international recognition.
On her last project, Close-ups, she teamed up again with her regular cinematographer and an awarded documentary filmmaker, Marcin Koszałka. The score was created by the acclaimed composer and pianist, Adrian Konarski.

20 PLN
(regular - weekend)
18 PLN (regular - week days)
14 PLN (discount)
12 PLN (senior)


dir. Magdalena Piekorz, Poland 2014, 74’

Gdynia Film Festival 2014 - main competition
Marta is 37 years old. She has a loving husband and her own flat and studio. The incessant phone calls: "Marta, sweetheart, pick up - it's Mum!" prevent her from being able to feel truly free. The years she had spent with her mother under one roof as well as their close relationship make her unable to start life on her own account. Despite the fact that almost every visit ends up with an argument, Marta still comes back to her mother. Both women cannot live without each other, a longer separation is their suffering. Marta’s husband is trying to cope with this situation and wants to create a real home with Marta...

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