Life Feels Good (Chce się żyć) - with English subtitles!

Life Feels Good by Maciej Pieprzyca, awarded with the Silver Lion Award at this year's Gdynia Film Festival

- on our screens with English subtitles!

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reż. Maciej Pieprzyca, Poland 2013, 107’ - premiere: October 11th

38th Gdynia Film Festival: Silver Lion Award & Audience Award
37th World FIlm Festival in Montreal: Grand Prix des Ameriques, the Award of the Ecumenical Jury and the Audience Award

The story of Mateusz, a man suffering from cerebral palsy. As a child, he had been diagnosed to be a retard with no contact with the outside world. 25 years later, it turned out that he was a perfectly normal and intelligent person. Thanks to his will to live and optimistic outlook, he was able to overcome his limitations..

"Pieprzyca situates the central axis of his film in that gap between the emotional vegetable, seen by even the kindliest, and the smart, quite sardonic 'inner Mateusz' manifested in his interior monologues and extremely expressive eyes. His erratic movements and unintelligible sounds register less as symptoms of disease than as a language that others are too unimaginative to interpret." Variety

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