Kino Pod Baranami - the best cinema in Europe!

* * *    Kino Pod Baranami - the best cinema in Europe!    * * *

EUROPA CINEMAS, exclusive network of art-house cinemas, of which KINO POD BARANAMI is a member since 1996, is awarding each year 3 Prizes to the best exhibitors of the Network for:

- Best Programming
- Best Young Audience activities
- Best Entrepreneur

On the 4th of October 2009 in Gothenburg, Europa Cinemas Board of Directors has granted cinema KINO POD BARANAMI in Krakow with the Best Programming Award 2009.

KINO POD BARANAMI has been awarded for the greatest variety of the ambitious program.

This Award will be handed during the 14th Europa Cinemas Network Conference. The Award Ceremony will be held on Friday 20th November 2009 in Warsaw at 9.30PM at Cinema Muranow.

Although, the award honours the performance during the year 2008 it also acknowledges the cinema's continuous work.

Since its foundation our cinema presents diverse and ambitious program, giving priority to European films. We promote auteur cinema, presenting a vast spectrum of genres, forms and topics. Each year we host numerous national and international film festivals, such as Cracow Film Festival and Unsound Festival and frequent theme reviews of cinema from all over the world.

Besides feature films, we present documentaries, shorts, animated and experimental films as well as mobile video and video art.

We offer a large number of movie cycles, special events and meetings with film directors.

Kino Pod Baranami is also the organizer of the Silent Film Festival, which 11th edition will be held in December 2009.

We give special attention to the young audience - children, pupils and students. This year we were appreciated by our young audience's parents and awarded the 'Kids Friendly Place' for the third time. From 2007 we cooperate with the Nowe Horyzonty Association in the implementation of an education program for schools. During the current school year the film academy is attended by more than 1600 students from the Małopolska Region.

Our success wouldn't be possible without our wonderful Audience, Film Distributors, Partners, Cultural and Media Institutions.
We thank You for your continuous help, support and enthusiasm!

Kino Pod Baranami - the best cinema in Europe!